Environmental Technology

Range of Environmental Projects

Germany is one of the leading nations in the field of environment (beneficial) technology. PID Environmental Technology is operating under the order of PACIFIC International Development GmbH and is specialized in custom tailored, environmental system solutions for industrial, municipal and domestic waste water treatment as well as drinking water purification.

PID Environmental Technology is involved in the planning, engineering, construction, and erection of various environmental projects. We are operating worldwide and covering beside small home units mainly the serving of industries and societies with highly polluted waste water such as:

  • paper mills
  • steel factories
  • textile factories
  • luxury resorts and hotels
  • hospitals
  • small and medium sized communities or townships
  • et cetera

Comprehensive Ecological Approach

We support you from the first talks to actual state analysis on site and developing a suitable
trendsetting solution for your individual requirements. In this regard we guide and supply
you no matter where you are with:

  • planning
  • necessary equipments
  • assembly and erection of the plant
  • coordination and monitoring
  • technical instruction
  • maintenance and operation services
  • training and further education of your staff

Pacific Development GmbH coordinates the export business of the engineering part of PID Environmental Technology, which are the distribution of waste water treatment units as well as the development of innovative high tech products with the most advanced technology to the international market.

Our Markets: