Coating & Laminating Technology

Are you looking for appropriate solutions or methods in the field of coating technologies, such as the knife coating, slot die coating or any other high-tech coating methods on organic or inorganic materials? Or are you primarily looking for a quick adaption of various coating application system, than perhaps the 5-in-1 Roll-to-Roll Smartcoater might be the right choice for you.

We provide the world most precise and accurate coating machinery from Coatema. As a pioneering enterprise Coatema is producing over four decates cutting edge technolgoies and fundamental new products for various new and high-tech industries in many market fields.

Ceaseless solutions are provided by innovative machinery and allows limitless possibilities and flexibility for your individual needs.

We would be delighted to serve you with the highest German quality in coationg technology.

Leading Lamination and Coating Technologies Made in Germany!

  • Laboratory plants
    • Test Solution (R&D for everyone: Sheet-to-Sheet and Roll-to-Roll)
    • Thin Film Coater (High Tech Sheet-to-Sheet Coating and Printing)
    • Easycoater (For single piece coating)
    • Smartcoater (5-in-1 Roll-to-Roll Coating and Printing)

  • Pilot Plants
    • Basecoater / Basecoater 3G (For continuous coating of small quantities)
    • Click&CoatTM (Maximum flexibility)
    • Deskcoater (Many processes in one plant)
    • Linecoater (Coating on a medium scale)
    • Verticoater (For simultaneous double-sided coating)

  • Production Machinery

  • Tailor-Made Machinery
    • Scale-up Plants for High-Tech Industries

In accordance with state-of-the-art knowledge these machineries are used in a wide range range of applications.

Please finde hereafter a list of some of the markets in which our machineries are used:


o Adhesive Plasters
o Bandages with Medical Healing Process
o Surgical Products
o Disposable

Printed Electronic

o Flexible Displays
o Heating Foil
o Organic Sensorsic
o Printed Memory
o Security Tags

Renewables Energy

o Fuel cells
o OPV (Solar Cells)
o Batteries




o Conductive Films
o Electronic Paper
o ID-Card
o Inkjet Papers
o Optical Films - Displays
o Sol-Gel-processes
o Smart / Surveillance Products
o Siliconized papers


o Automotive Airbags
o Automotive interior
o Billabong / Blow Up
o Intelligent Packaging
o Truck Tarpaulins
o Geo Textiles
o Fiberglasses
o Parachutes
o Spacesuits
o Race Clothing
o Clean-Room Suits
o Rain Protection
o Work (protection) Clothes
o Plasterboard
o Ropes / Cables
o Home Textiles


o Filtration


o Intelligent / Smart Glass
o Architecture Glass
o Light Guiding Glass / Dynamic Glass
o Safety & Shatterproof Glass
o Flexible Glass


o Fiber-& Textile Reinforced Composites
o Prepreg Products

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