Efficient Technology of PID

The reduction of emissions can be achieved by an increase of combustion processes as well as by an after-treatment method of exhaust gas but above all by the use of new technologies CO2 emissions can be stifle in the bud. This urgently requires for a new way of thinking to ensure future economic growth and prosperity, especially in view of the current behavior in the industrialized countries. And above all, with respect to our environment and our future generations to obtain the right of existing.

For this purpose, there are already numerous companies with various concepts in the market that follows these objective of increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions successfully, such as: CHP / Cogeneration plant, development of additives for fuels, control systems, filtration systems as well as concepts of renewable energy, new energy storage or batteries, ect.

Nevertheless, we at Pacific International Development have asked ourselves by what means these objectives can be achieved and to what extent these goals are economically sustainable for companies and communities. We have analyzed existing concepts and technologies with engineers of different fields. We have combined them and developed new concepts by paying attention of environmental and economic objectives in accordance to the maximum principle.

Since 1995 PACIFIC Compamy Germany has gradually created a worldwide infrastructure and a network of engineers that develop individual concepts and provides solutions to reduce the emissions.

Are you looking for the right solution for your efficient energy production? We look forward to follow your goals by providing our assistance.

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