LED Lighting Systems

Our extensive portfolio of floodlights and high bays with outstanding heat management system, unlimited line of industrial shop lighting, recyclable LED spot lights or our unique mounting frames with individual design or options are in terms of function and quality unrivalled in the lighting market.
As a manufacturer and developer of LED lights, we provide besides of standardized solutions for the mass market also tailored solutions and accessories in our commercial department.

Our lighting systems are covering the following markets:

• Industry:
o street lighting
o halls Lighting
o mining
o etc.

• Commercial:
o Shopping centers
o shop lighting,
o Hotel, Restaurant
o etc.

• End user:
o accent lighting,
o Residential Lighting
o garden lighting
o etc.

Information for Download:
Brochure of Lighting for Consumer Market
Brochure of Lighting for Commercial Lighting
Sample of Street Light
Track Light

Intelligent Lighting System

Our comprehensive knowledge integrates the latest hardware and software developments, inventing and building intelligent lighting systems that delivers the base and physical network for the contributing to “Internet of Things” (IoT). This technology provides you the possibility of a direct integration of the physical world for so called smarter cities.

According to the application we various wired and wireless communication technologies are available. We provide Long Range Radio Frequency (RF) Communication, the well-known ZigBee and other Wi-Fi technologies for your lighting system.

Integrate your current streetlight into the IoT-World. Upgrade your Streetlights with cameras, sensors and communications systems to control and monitor your physical world and simultaneously set up a network for a Smart City at low Investment.

We provide the platform for a secure Smart City that benefits all participants. We will help you to build your business case that shows and approves how your city will benefit from our technology.
In addition, we can guide you with financial concepts and finding the appropriate financing solution for you.

For more information visit our LED Enegeneering Webpage:

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