LED Lighting Systems

We offer individually tailored solutions!

German engineering and extensive experience in the lighting industry combined with in-house production in Asia are relevant factors for the high quality standard at a balanced price-performance ratio.

In our field of Environmental Technology we have entered with German engineering innovative and first class LED-Lamps successfully in 2002.
During the following years this field increased and we have founded LEDOX GmbH & Co. KG Company as a spin-off company of PACIFIC International Development GmbH. In this regard we have established the brand name “LEDOX” in the market. Within a short period LEDOX GmbH & Co. KG has become one of the premier suppliers for national wholesalers, qualified specialist retailers and electricians. With our extensive experience in the lighting industry we now provide to our national and international OEM & ODM customers a wide spectrum of LED lamps.

Our business activities in the lighting industry can be shown in three columns with six sections:

Solutions for every lighting application

Our comprehensive portfolio with trendsetting LEDs provides the highest quality standard and solutions for every lighting application, namely:

  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Production Halls & Warehouses
  • Shop Lighting
  • Paint Spray Cabin
  • Greenhouses
  • Parking Lights
  • Sport Areas
  • Street Lights
  • etc.

Our engineers are armed with years of comprehensive insight of the market, which allow us to act and react effectively to the needs of the market. Our broad-based portfolio for the lighting industry and dedicated research and development department has in cooperation with our customers, already translated new ideas into exclusive, marketable products, namely:

  • The World’s First Reusable Spot Light
  • The World’s First 30mm mounting depth Spot Light
  • The World’s First 360° Bulb with passive cooling “OⱭO”, E27
  • Changeable Lenses for Spot Light (angle, colour)
  • Intelligent Lighting Control System
  • Changeable RAL color cover of Sconce
  • The World’s First individual changeable Spot Light Frames
  • etc.

We are constantly in search of developing new businesses by offering innovative and reliable products to the market, due to the fact that especially in the lighting field of LED and OLED-Technologies the process accelerates with an amazing array of inventions and new technology.

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