Petrochemical Products

Our long term and close business cooperation with petrochemical industries for Ethylene and Propylene abeles us to provide you the suitable petrochemical products for your application.
You need a standard or individual specified oil or grease products, we will be delighted to supply you with your desired product.

Pacific cooperations with the state-of-the-art production plants in the industry covers the production of plastic, synthetic rubber and many other chemicals products made of and natural gas and naphtha.

Please find hereunder an overview of our main petrochemical products:

Lubricants: (on basic oil)

• alkylated naphthalenes (AN)
• Chlortrifluoroethylene (CTFE)
• Ester oils
• Mineral oils
• Multialkylierte Cyclopentane (MAC)
• polyalphaolefins (PAO)
• polyphenylethers (PPE)
• polyglycol (PG)
• Perfluorinated polyether (PFPE)
• Silicone oils
• etc.

Mineral oils and related products

• White Petroleum Jelly /Vaseline
o Grade "A“: Pharmaceutical / Medical Grade (USP/BP)
o Grade "B":(Cosmetic, suitable for indirect food use)
o Grade "C": Industrial use( dust collector)

• Liquid paraffin / white oil
o Grade "A": Pharmaceutical / Medical
o Grade "B": (Cosmetic)
o Grade "C": Industrial use

• Paraffin Wax Semi-Refined
o 0-1%
o 1-3%
o 3-5%

• Candle Jelly

• Cable Filing Compounds

• Granulated Paraffin Wax

• Modified Bitumen/ Isolation Compound

• Natural sodium petroleum sulfonates

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